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  1. These terms and conditions ("Terms") contractually regulate the way in which you may access or use the Smart About Money website at smartaboutmoney.co.za, and our relationship in this regard. Where we refer to "us", "we", "our" and "Smart About Money", we mean the Savings and Investment Association - South Africa NPC trading as Association for Savings and Investments SA, a non-profit company incorporated in the Republic of South Africa ("ASISA)" group of companies.
  2. When do these Terms apply? You agree that these Terms will apply if you access or use our website and will create a legally binding contract between us, whenever you use or access our website. In addition to these Terms, there is also a Privacy Policy located on our website.
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  4. How we use your personal information. We will use your "personal information" in terms of our Privacy Policy at smartaboutmoney.co.za, which policy forms part of these Terms by reference. Please familiarise yourself with our Privacy Policy before you use our website. If you do not agree with our privacy policy, you must stop using our website.
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    1. when you access our website, we will assume that the person using our website is you;
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  8. What you can do on our website:
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    6. you may only link to our website by linking to the home page of our website. If you would like to link to specific content, tools or calculators, please consult our Editorial Policy in the About Section for guidance on how to proceed;
  1. What you can’t do on our website:
    1. provide any untrue or incorrect information or information that is not verifiable by a reputable practitioner;
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    4. lease, sell, assign or in any other way distribute our website without our prior written consent;
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    11. allow any third party to use your username and password, if applicable, in any manner other than as permitted by these Terms.
  2. Website Content. The consumer-focussed financial and investment information contained on our website is contributed and/or verified by trusted subject member experts and is not intended to replace the advice or personalised service from professionals in the financial services industry, nor is it intended to substitute or replace your relationship with your own financial and/or investment advisors and professionals. Where we have made any calculators or similar software available to you for purposes of calculations (including but not limited to any financing calculators), the results of those calculations are guidelines only and will be subject to confirmation from your third party advisor (if and when you appoint such advisor).
  3. How we limit our liability. The website is provided as is and may not be suitable for your particular purposes. Your use of any information made available by way of our website is entirely at your own risk and it is your sole responsibility to evaluate the correctness, accuracy, usefulness and applicability of such information before you rely on it.  You agree that, unless the law provides otherwise, we (including our directors, employees, officers, agents or any third party members providing content to our website) will not be liable for:
    1. any loss, liability, actions, suites, proceedings, costs, demands and damages of any kind that you suffer as a result of your use of our website, including your acting or reliance upon any content contained on our website;
    2. any incorrect information or images provided on our website which your relied upon;
    3. any internet data usage charges that you incur while using our website;
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  4. You indemnify and hold us (including our directors, employees, officers, agents or any third party members providing content to our website) harmless against any loss, liability, actions, suites, proceedings, costs, demands and damages of any kind (including direct, indirect, special or consequential damages) in relation to the use of our website.
  5. Deemed rules for sending and receiving electronic messages. We will primarily use electronic notices as our main communication tool.
  6. Where is our cookie policy. Please refer to our Privacy Policy on our website for the full cookie policy.
  7. How we deal with intellectual property rights: You acknowledge and agree that all rights, title and interest in any intellectual property (including, but not limited, to any copyright, trademark, design, logo, process, practice, methodology which forms part of, or is displayed or used by us on our website, including, without limitation, any graphics, logos, designs text, button icons, images, audio clips, digital downloads, data compilations, page headers and software) is our property or the respective owner(s)' property and will remain our or the owner's property at all times. You will not obtain any intellectual property rights through using our website, services or products.
  8. Warranties and representations: Unless the law requires otherwise, we do not warrant that our website, services or products offered on our website will operate error free or without interruption or downtime or that any errors will be corrected or that the content is complete, accurate, up to date, or fit for a particular purpose. You use our website entirely at your own risk.
  9. Security measures. We implement reasonable security measures to ensure the safety and integrity of our website. However, despite this, information that is transmitted over the internet may be accessed or monitored in an unlawful manner. We will take reasonable steps to prevent viruses from our website, but cannot guarantee or warrant that any information that is available to download will be free from infection, viruses or other code that has contaminating or destructive properties and we exclude our liability in this regard. You are responsible for, and we recommend that you take your own precautions and implement sufficient procedures to satisfy, your particular security requirements.
  10. What you warrant to us:
    1. you are 18 years or older, or if you are below the age of 18, you have obtained the consent of a competent person (such as your parent or legal guardian) to visit and use this website; and
    2. you may legally enter into an agreement with us on these terms; and
    3. each of the warranties given by you will:
      1. be a separate warranty and will in no way be limited by inference from these Terms of any other warranty or by any other words in these Terms;
      2. continue and remain in force irrespective of whether your account, where applicable, is active, suspended or cancelled; and
      3. be deemed to be material.
  1. General legal.
    1. Severability. If a provision of these Terms becomes illegal, invalid or unenforceable it will be severed from the rest of these terms which terms will remain valid and enforceable.
    2. Governing law. These Terms will be governed by and interpreted in terms of South African laws. You consent that the Magistrates' Court will have jurisdiction even if the proceedings are otherwise beyond its jurisdiction.
    3. Waiver. If we do not enforce any of these Terms, it will not mean that we waive any of our rights and it will not affect the validity of these Terms or prejudice our rights to take subsequent action. A waiver will only be valid if we put it in writing and sign it.
    4. Whole agreement. These Terms, together with any additional or specific terms, form the whole agreement between us relating to your use of our website.
    5. No third party stipulation. These Terms create a legally binding agreement between yourself and us only, and do not create rights in favour of any third party.
    6. Force Majeure. Except for the obligation to pay monies due and owing, no party will be liable if it cannot perform in terms of any agreed terms due to reasons beyond its control. This includes lightning, flooding, exceptionally severe weather, fire, explosion, war, civil disorder, industrial disputes, acts or omissions of persons for which we are not responsible, and acts of government or other competent authorities (including telecommunications and internet service providers).
  2. Getting in touch. Please email us at info@asisa.org.za for any enquiries about our website.

Legal disclosure:

Site owner: Savings and Investment Association - South Africa NPC trading as Association for Savings and Investments SA (Registration No. 2008/017776/08)

Legal status: ASISA is a non-profit company, duly incorporated in terms of the applicable laws of South Africa

Director(s): Please visit our website to view our board of directors - https://www.asisa.org.za/about-us/governance-structure/

Description of main business:  Industry association for the long-term insurance and investment management industries

E-mail address:             info@asisa.org.za
Website address:          www.asisa.org.za
Physical Address:          Bridge House, Boundary Terraces, 1 Mariendahl Lane, Newlands, 7700
Postal Address:             PO Box 23525, Claremont, 7735
Registered Address:      Bridge House, Boundary Terraces, 1 Mariendahl Lane, Newlands, 7700