All you need to know about two-pots and retirement

Laura du Preez | 08 July 2024

Laura du Preez has been writing about personal finance topics for more than 20 years, including eight years as personal finance editor for two leading media houses.

The new two-pot retirement system is just a few weeks away.

This presents a great opportunity to give your retirement savings and financial plans a review.

The new savings pot seeded with some of your existing savings will provide a pot of money that you may be tempted to access. But before you do, you should know exactly what you can access, what it will cost you to do so and if accessing it makes sense financially.

Smart About Money has created a new section with educational articles aimed at helping you to make these decisions. 

In addition, we have a collection of articles and tools to help you consider your options on financial decisions such as repaying debt or financing things you want or need.


What you need to know about two-pots

In our new two-pot retirement section you can learn:

You can also download and share our infographics with other retirement fund members:

Consider your retirement plan

Before you raid your retirement savings, you should have a good idea about how much you will need to fund your retirement. Here are some articles that will help you:

You can also check if you are on track with your retirement savings using our Retirement Savings Calculator

Make an informed decision

If you are thinking of withdrawing from your retirement savings to repay debt or to fund something you need, be sure you make an informed decision after considering all the options. 

You should know whether there is an alternative way to manage your debt or to fund something you need. Then weigh up the implications of choosing that alternative or withdrawing from your retirement savings, given what withdrawing will do to your retirement plan and what it will cost you in tax and lost savings. Read more: Should I withdraw from my retirement fund under the two-pot system?